About us

The ValheimPrints journey started in early March 2021 when I first downloaded Valheim after seeing someone on Twitch playing it. I was BLOWN away.

Over the next couple weeks, I mowed through 60+ hours of Valheim. Still haven't taken on Bonemass yet, and quite honestly, I'm just focused on building a sweet, sweet town in the meadows.

The pictures on the homepage are actually from my playtime. Testing the first-person mod at the moment. Facing a troll in third person is easy peasy. Facing a troll in first person is TERRIFYING on a whole new level.

I made this store because I felt there needed to be a good way to get custom Valheim related items. Plus with someone that's so passionate about Valheim, in order to ensure they are quality. P.S: More products will be added here and there.

I also run the SnazzyAI YouTube channel (snazzyAI YouTube) and the snazzyai.com website. It features AI upscaled / interpolated video game and movie trailers. It's hella lit, as the youngsters say.